If at this time we are planning to build a shed roof, so before deciding to get the best type of material, we must determine the proper dimensions for the size of the shed itself. Why is it we need to do?shed roof design house

Well, this is because the dimensions of the shed will affect the amount of raw materials that we buy and the budget that we have where we should be able to adjust everything with the ability, right? Here are top 8 material lists before building the shed roof.roll roofing material

  • The first is the roll roofing – this is one of the types of materials that have a common shed roof with asphalt shingles. The only thing that made the difference is the shape of the roll-owned and the price is much more affordable. Because it is offered at a cheap price, then we will get much thinner material, and we have to do a routine replacement every 5 to 8 years.
  • The second is a shake shingles – this is one type of material shed roof which will make the roof look attractive with a low roofline design.
  • The third is asphalt shingles – this is one of the types of materials that easily shed roof we get the building in various stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, although perhaps only offered in a few species only.
  • The fourth is a mineral roof – this is one type of material that will keep the water remains on track, but quite fragile because it comes with a relatively affordable price. We can rely on this type of material for the next 3 to 5 years.shed roof ideas
  • The fifth is roofing shingles or felt tiles – if we decide to use this kind of material, then we will get sufficient quality because this is one of the types of materials that offer durability up to 15 years into the future at a cost that is certainly more expensive when compared other types of material.
  • The sixth is the wooden shingles – made ​​from cedar wood make this roof looks charming and special when applied to the shed roof. Durability is very can we count on up to 30 years into the future is certainly the cost is quite expensive.
  • The seventh is clay tiles – this is one type of material shed roof that offers super amazing durability which is about 50 years at a price that is not so far adrift from wooden shingles. We can get a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes when deciding to get this type of roof.
  • The eighth is onduline roof sheets – this is one of the types of materials made of cellulose fibers which have been combined in such a way with asphalt which is then compressed into a board shape with a fairly thick folds.

So, if right now we already have a good understanding about the materials, we can choose the best according our taste and budget, right?

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