Make it as a fun and cozy room for your family to watch movie – Changing the function of the living room into a home theater basically would not require a significant change or improvement.home theater living room ideas

Here are 8 ways to convert your living room into a home theater.

  • Television – this is one of the most important components that should we provide and we have to get a television with specifications and sizes that we want so show watching movies more enjoyable. We can put television at a certain height level in accordance with the tastes with considering the x factors including making sure the neck stays comfortable while looking towards the television.
  • Projectors – when we are bored with using the television, then we can choose to use a HDTV projector equipped with screens that adds to the festive atmosphere while watching the movie. It will bring an atmosphere that feels more real cinema for all family members.
  • Sound – typically, most of the television offers pretty good sound quality so that when we are quite satisfied with the sound quality offered by television, we do not need to use additional sound.
  • Echoes – reduce the echo in the room by applying carpet. Do not forget to apply the curtain and cover the other room with the best quality in order to drown out the sound and make the room gets light from outside.home theater lighting ideas
  • Seating – choose and get the seats that could make all the people who were watching the movie feel comfortable. We can choose to apply a sectional sofa with some pillows that would be the right choice for a home theater. We can also choose to get a reclining theater seating are equipped with cup-holders for added comfort for watching movies.
  • Ideal distance – note the ideal distance between the seats with either projector or television screen. Some experts suggest that we get the ideal viewing distance by multiplying 2 to 3 times the width of the television, of course, with consider the point of view and others.
  • Lighting – in order to watch the movie more interesting atmosphere, make sure we pay attention to the type of lighting that is applied to the room. We can choose to use a dimmer switch that can make us get the kind of lighting that suits our needs with ease.
  • Decoration – so the atmosphere more akin to cinema, then we can choose to apply a variety of decorations that support look like a movie poster that we like, large-sized boxes of candy, popcorn maker, until the refrigerator that contains a variety of cold soda. We also can make the ticket counter and make our own ticket that we can later use to play with the children so that the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Make sure we get a theater room that is comfortable for the whole family without having to care about anything.

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