Add your information about swimming pool maintenance – The swimming pool is one of the free entertainment and fun for the whole family especially when summer arrives. And if we intend to clean the pool, then winter is a good time.swimming pool winter maintenance winterisation

We can relieve stress and fatigue while in the pool so that care and maintenance should be considered properly. Surely we do not want to get a pool dirty and full of germs, right?

Here are 8 things to know before doing maintenance for winter swimming pool that we can make in addition to helpful information.

  • The first is makes sure we clean the pool before deciding to close it in the winter. Cleaning the pool before winter will going to help us get rid of pool algae pool that will turn into a ‘sea of ​​green’.
  • The second is rub the top and bottom wall using a brush and a vacuum of any material.
  • The third is does some tests and make sure the pool water chemical levels are normally held. Before we close the pool, make sure the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardiness, and chlorine levels are at a balanced level.
  • The fourth is adds the pool shock treatment. This is a high dose of chlorine is used to kill bacteria in the water and prevents the formation of unwanted. We can add this shock therapy by considering the size of the pool that we have. Do not forget to follow all usage instructions on the label.swimming pool winter chemicals
  • The fifth is to add algaecide to the water pool before the pool closes in the winter. It is a product which will provide additional protection to the pool of forming the handle.
  • The sixth is, running the pool filter for 8-12 hours after adding some additional chemicals above in order to help spread more evenly in the water pool. After that, clean the filter and skimmer. Do not forget to clear all kinds of debris in the pool.
  • The seventh is to do the closing of the pool with using the cover and do not forget to put the air cushion in the middle of the pond before applying the cover to prevent water undergoes an expansion that could impair its quality.
  • The eight is lift the cover pool on a regular basis in order to check for the presence of algae growth that may occur.

So, quite simply isn’t it? By using above tips, don’t worry about the maintenance that we can do for swimming the pool before winter. Ready to do it, guys?

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