Choose the type you like with consider your home style – The door is one of the important items that applied to various rooms in the house including the bedrooms. Implementation of the door will give us a form of security, the freedom to do the things we wants, controls privacy, functions as an architectural element, to hide the existence of a door bedroom

Here are 8 different types of bedroom doors you should consider in your home that we can make as a useful guide.

  • The first is a slab door – this is one type of door that is present in a wide selection of materials ranging from wood, composites, up to metals. This type of door is sold without any hinges or other hardware, and comes in a variety of design options ranging from flush, raised panels, and recessed or flat panels.
  • The second is a French door – this is one type that uses glass doors surrounded by the outer frame and has two options, namely the design of double doors and a single door. By choosing to use this type of door, then we have the opportunity to enter a large amount of light into the room.
  • The third is a screen door – this is one type of door that is very suitable to be applied on the bedroom balcony where we could get warm air flowing over the summer through the screen and simultaneously prevent mosquitoes or other insects into the room.sliding doors bedroom furniture
  • The fourth is a sliding door – this is one type of door that offers ease of access and save more floor space because it does not require much space when we open or close the door. There are various designs sliding door that we can get that can help improve the overall look of the room.
  • The fifth is a pocket door – this is one type of door that is equipped with a glide on a track into a pocket or openings on adjacent walls. It is one type of door that is most appropriate in a small room made ​​of glass, solid wood to metal.
  • The sixth is a bi-fold door – this is one of door’s types that come with a hinged door that can open to one side or fold back on each side. It is a door that will make us save floor space and create more room to move.
  • The seventh is the bypass door – this is one type of door consisting of 2 rigid doors at the top and bottom tracks that slide of each other. This type of door is offered with a variety of designs including flush, louvered, up to a flat panel.
  • The eighth is a hinged door – this is one of the most common types of doors are used where one door mounted on hinges and the other end swung into or out of the room.

Thus, which type of doors we want to apply to the bedroom? Have a choice already?

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