Make it look beautiful – If we intend to implement an open design that combines the two rooms into one area like a kitchen with living room, then there are some things we need to consider, and here are 8 ways how to improve the open kitchen living room design that may be used as a guide to help us achieve the desired design.Modern Open Kitchen Living Room Design

  • The first is the color – this is one of the factors that will be the key to the success of presenting an open design where we can bring together two distinct areas by applying complementary colors. This means that we do not need to apply the same color on the two areas.
  • The second is the attention to the various components in the two areas such as floors, tables, cabinets with colors to match the colors we have chosen for each area. When we have a floor of the same color, then this is not a problem. We can complete the look by selecting a few other items in the same color palette.
  • The third is to choose and implement the right furniture – choose furniture that is able to reflect the same style to the room as a whole because it is an open design – which means, the two areas must work together to applied force. Do not let us apply style A to the kitchen and style B for living room because it will not look harmonious.
  • The fourth is to do with the right furniture arrangement. Because these are two areas with different functions, then we have to set it up such that it still presents a charming impression for both. We can take advantage of an open bookcase or other items as a barrier between the two areas include folding kitchen design small space with island
  • The fifth is to apply the same architectural features in the second room. Some architectural features we can apply are: beamed ceiling, paints, trim, molding, tile and more.
  • The sixth is to apply the decoration on the wall with a design that is able to connect one area to another area so impressed as a decorating style that flows beautifully. Note the dominance of color in both area and select the scheme that has the same or complementary.
  • The seventh is to put some accessories that are complementary in two areas – either the kitchen or living room. We can choose to apply candles, carpet, pillows, ornamental plants, and other.
  • The eighth was chosen to implement the type of lighting that is appropriate to the function of each room but do not forget the decoration style that applied.

Applying the open design is most appropriate when we have a house with limited space availability. It would be a pretty challenging job for us as homeowners in order to realize the design that we want to both areas and at the same time making it look good as a whole.

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