What kind appearance do you wish? – In the market, we will find some type of interior wall paints, and to get the best, then we should have enough knowledge and information.best white interior wall paint

Here are 8 different types of interior wall paints that we can make as a handy reference.

  • The first is a matte paint – this is one of the most common types that we can get to the interior wall paints that we are not going to find any finish that sparkles or shines. It is very suitable paint applied to the ceiling or wall where we will not get the visual disturbances in any form. This type of paint is applied, comes in a variety of solid color options, and can be applied using a brush or roller.
  • The second is matte enamel – this is one type of interior wall paints are almost the same as the matte paint, but has the durability is more reliable. In addition, this is a paint that is easily cleaned so it is chosen when we have a child who likes to write off the walls and the kitchen are often affected from the oil to the various types of cuisine that splattered on the walls.
  • The third is satin – this is one type of interior wall paints that produce a soft sheen so we will need to clean the walls on a regular basis. However, do not apply the satin on the wall with less of perfect because it will only make it more obvious imperfections.
  • The fourth is eggshell – this is one type of interior wall paints that will give a smooth shining appearance, very easy to apply, and an option many homeowners because it can be applied in a single coat.interior wall painting techniques tips
  • The fifth is semi gloss – this is one type of interior wall paints are often applied as a trim rather than applied to the wall. We’ll get the ease of cleaning this type of paint, suitable to be applied to heavy use, and offers a hard finish.
  • The sixth is gloss paint – this is one type of interior wall paints are also commonly applied as wall paints that can cover all the imperfections on the wall. Unfortunately, this is kind of paints that difficult to dry so we had to use a fan to help speed up the process.
  • The seventh is high gloss paint – this is one of the interior wall paints which can be applied in small quantities and are able to provide a dramatic glow effect.
  • The eighth is decorative and faux finishes – this is one type of interior wall paints were applied to walls that serve as accents that will give the look of a decorative item becomes visible more complicated or expensive look with a very easy way.

So, which one the type of interior wall paints we want to apply?

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