Choose carefully! – As is known, the window is one of the important items of a space that allows for us to get fresh air, natural light that we need, and that will certainly add a touch of beautiful appearance of a room.

Here are 8 favorite window treatments options that we can use as a reference when we intend to do a makeover on the window.

  • The first is the panel – this is one of the window treatment options that fit perfectly applied to make small windows appear larger and dramatic. We can choose to implement the panel with a wider size of the window, add a few details, and voila we have gained a dazzling display window.
  • The second is the stained glass – we can highlight the window with stained glass panels applying colors that will make people always remember the beauty that is emitted, is able to capture more natural light, and certainly will make the room look brighter.
  • The third is the blinds – there are various types of blinds options that we can choose to apply and we must choose the right design by taking into account the size of the window that we have to get the best results.
  • The fourth is the curtains – this is one of the favorite window treatment options that are present in a variety of style options such as a café curtain is perfect choice for small to standard sized room window decoration ideas
  • The fifth is a fabric window treatments – this is one of the window treatment options that are very appropriate when applied to large windows especially for bathrooms and kitchens. There are various designs and colors offered and we can choose according to taste.
  • The sixth is the drapes – is one of the window treatment options that we can apply when we are fans of large windows where we can choose to implement the design with great patterns and weight or choosing the type of lighter materials for other rooms such as children’s rooms to kitchen in order to get the ease of maintenance.
  • The seventh is the bay window treatment – this is one of the favorite window treatments many homeowners typically have a size large enough so as to cover the entire width of the window.
  • The eighth is the valance – there is a wide selection of designs and valance styles that we can choose to consider the style of decoration that we apply and the size of the window that we have.

Window treatment will improve the overall appearance of a room. Therefore, choose carefully and precisely!

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