If you’re someone who loves collecting art and antiques and you don’t want them collecting dust in your attic or basement, but you’re not quite sure how you should display them, this is an article that you’ll want to read. The reason why is because it’s going to provide you with a few suggestions for how you can show off your beautiful pieces in a way that is eye-catching without being too overwhelming.

Mix and match them. If you have an empty wall and you’re wondering which pieces of art that you should hang on, consider mixing and matching it with some of your antique items. By integrating those things together, it tends to give your wall a lot more dimension and character. For instance, if you have some black-and-white prints and also a large antique copper butterfly, put the prints in gold frames and hang the butterfly either in between or underneath the prints. It will be eye-catching, for sure.

Hang them on an accent wall. Something that will definitely catch your guests’ attention is if you put some of your art and antiques on an accent wall. By painting one of your walls a different color than the other ones in the room, it will help to visually draw everyone into that particular space. For tips on how to create a one-of-a-kind accent wall, visit Benjamin Moore or Style at Home and put “create an accent wall” in the search field.

Position some art on top of your windowsills. If you have some art prints or even come classic books that you would like to put out on display, a unique way to show them off is to put them on top of your windowsills. In fact, this can be a really special look in your child’s nursery or bedroom. Just make sure that the frames for the prints or the books are thin enough to easily and firmly stand on the windowsills.

Fill up empty space. If you happened to go to a store like Easy Pedestal to pick up a pedestal for a large piece of print art, how about using it to display antiques instead? Whether you have a small empty space in your foyer or underneath your staircase, by positioning the antiques on the pedestal, it’s a surprising way to showcase the items. Plus, you’ll have a creative way to get rid of the awkward empty area as well.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your house. Whether it’s an antique daybed, vase, or even a trunk, who says that it has to be used on the interior of your home? If you have a front porch or a deck out back, you can also display some of your antiques out there too. For instance, if you happen to have a day bed, you can convert it into a seat. Just get a couple of outdoor pillows and a quilt to hang on the back of it and you’re all set! For tips on how to prep your art and antiques for outdoor decor, visit 7th House on the Left and put “how to weatherproof indoor art for outdoors” in the search field.

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