Glass was originally invented as a way to contain liquids. During the Roman Empire, these glass containers would hold everything from wine to ashes. Oftentimes, the glass was decorative and included unique colors, shapes, and fragments. Over time, glass became more widely used – it helps cover our windows and it has revolutionized the scientific industry. When it comes to using glass in your home, there are a number of applications for decorative glass, both utilitarian and purely decorative. Indeed, everything from decorative glass windows to glass cabinet doors can give your home a fresh, new and modern look. Here are some fun ways to use decorative glass in your home.

  1. Cut glass into unique shapes – the classic rectangle or square can get boring. Most windows and doors are cut into the classic square or rectangle shape. However, what if you had a triangle or circular shaped window? The beauty of glass is that it can be cut into many shapes and sometimes when you step outside of the norm, glass can look really beautiful.
  2. Place something between the glass panes – it can be as simple as a few flecks of gold to fully reflective discs. When it comes down to it, glass can sometimes look too plain if it is too wide and there isn’t any variation. This is why you may want to think of adding something to the pane of glass. For instance, you could place a few flecks of gold to give your windows a luxurious look – or you could go for some reflective discs that will have a mirrored effect.
  3. Include tempered glass for your cabinet doors – you can still have a glimpse of what’s inside, while keeping your cabinets covered. Oftentimes, we like to keep our cabinets covered – mostly because we want to keep our dishes out of view. However, adding tempered glass to the cabinet doors instead of the classic wooden or laminate doors can offer a much more unique look that will add an interesting aesthetic dimension to your kitchen.
  4. Install glass with a unique pattern digitally etched into the glass – this will look great for your front entry. There are some companies – likeImaging Sciences, LLC – that offer unique glass etching services. If you want a custom pattern cut into the glass, you may want to go for this option. When it comes down to it, these unique laser cut glass patterns look great on entry windows or anywhere that you want to add a sense of privacy, but still want to let the light in.
  5. Place glass bricks too maintain a sense of privacy in your shower, without cutting out all the light. Another decorative glass option is to go with glass bricks for your bathroom or shower. The truth is that glass bricks look great and they let in a lot of light, but they also offer a sense of privacy. These days, there are many locations where you can find clean, modern glass bricks. In the end, you want to install them correctly, because they can look messy if you don’t.

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