If you were to ask just about any realtor what you can do to increase the property value of your home, one of the things that they would probably mention is that you should improve your curb appeal. By having a beautiful yard, not only does it give a good first impression to guests (and prospective buyers), but it can also help to make your home feel more warm, inviting, and comfortable too.

You could hire a professional landscaping team to help you with your landscape design. But if you’re on a budget and you’d like a few suggestions for how to come up with your own strategy, here are five tips that will earn you some pretty remarkable results:

Get some online inspiration. One of the best things about the internet is that you find inspiration from all kinds of places in just a matter of moments – including landscaping. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your yard look like it should be featured in a landscaping magazine, HGTV, Houzz, and Garde Design are just a few websites that can help point you into the right direction. Just go to the sites and put “landscaping design tips” into the search field.

Establish a budget. Although doing your own landscaping will keep you from paying a professional to do the work, if you don’t put a budget together first, it can be really easy to get carried away – especially since there are so many options to choose from. So, once you have a plan, put a budget together. Go to websites like Retail Me Not for coupons and promotional codes. And when it comes to equipment, consider asking a neighbor to borrow some of theirs.

Have a couple of focal points. In your living room, you may have a big art print, a mirror, or an accent wall that serves as the focal point for that area of your home. It’s what first draws people into that particular space. Along these same lines, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of focal points out in your front yard as well. It could be a water feature or statue. The key is to make sure that it stands out while also blending in with the rest of your design.

Add some movement. Something that helps to make your landscape design come alive is to add some movement to it. You can do this by planting some ornamental grasses along with some flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Some favorite types of ornamental grass among professional landscapers include Copper Fringe, Autumn Allure and Spun Gold. You can read about others by going to Sunset and putting “favorite ornamental grasses” in the search field. To get information on the kinds of flowers that attract butterflies, visit Birds and Blooms and put “blooming flowers that attract butterflies” into the search field.

Put plants in the right place. If you were to ask someone who works at Morgreen Landscape & Nursery for a few home landscaping tips, one that they might suggestion is that you pay attention to where you put your plants. For instance, if you like a plant that requires a certain amount of shade, position it on your porch or under a tree. Or, if you like a flower that needs a lot of water, make sure that it’s within a few feet of your sprinklers. That way, what you plant will last, beautifully, for a long time. For tips on how to pick and plant flowers, visit Lowe’s and put “pick and plant flowers for your garden” into the search field.

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