Just because there are no immediate holidays that require lighting and decorating your home, it doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t start thinking of lighting your home. Indeed, the holidays always seem to sneak up on you, so it can help to have some tips and tricks for how to best light your home. For instance, you want to be sure to string lighting efficiently, so that you don’t take up too much electricity. If you don’t take these measures, you could wind up spending a fortune on your electricity bills. When it comes down to it, lighting your home is easy and doesn’t require too much of your time. Here are five exterior lighting tips.

  1. Use lights that can change color based on the holiday. To save money and time, you may want to go with lights that you can program to give off a certain color during different holidays. For instance, you can program the lights to give off a blue and white color on Fourth of July and then a green and red color scheme on Christmas.
  2. Use a backup generator to power your lights. Instead of using your main source of power, you may want to use a backup generator to power your lights. Typically, a generator is charged by a source of electricity and then will power your lights accordingly. If you use your main power, you could be seeing a major surge in utility prices. When it comes down to it, a power generator will set you back a few hundred dollars, but it will definitely be worth it.
  3. Use a sturdy safety ladder to hang lights. When you hang the lights, you want to be sure that you use a sturdy and solid ladder to get up to your roof and eaves to hang the lights. If you use an old rickety ladder, you could risk falling. If you don’t have a new ladder, you definitely want to visit your local hardware store or home improvement shop to pick up a brand new ladder – a ladder with the ideal height of your home.
  4. Use different sized lights to give some depth to your home lighting  Instead of going with a plain lighting string, you want to have some depth. The best way to do this is to have different sized bulbs on the lights. With different bulbs, you will have different brightness levels, which will add a level layering to your holiday lighting design. This will ultimately make your lighting stand out a lot more.
  5. Use the assistance of other people when you are planning and stringing lights. On top of everything, you probably want to enlist the help of other people when you are stringing lights. You can visit a source like WowLights Productions to make your lights come to life. Not only will this reduce the chances of an injury – it will also cut down the amount of time it takes to string your lights. The truth of the matter is that stringing holiday lights can be a lot of work. In the end, bringing other people on board will help streamline the process.

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