If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of space left for building homes. If you do want to build a home from scratch on a plot of land, it can often be difficult and expensive to set up all the utilities. This is exactly why planned communities can be so beneficial. Not only do you get a beautiful home – you also get to live in a beautiful location with likeminded neighbors. Many of the neighbors in planned communities must abide by various rules and housing regulations. Moreover, there is usually a housing board that requires that residences are maintained and that lawns are kept up. Here are five benefits of living in a planned community.

  1. Friendly neighbors. Indeed, planned communities often have very likeminded individuals living within the area. For this reason, things will be a lot more amicable and personable. In most cities, and even suburbs, people can be a little colder and they can keep to themselves. If you want to live in a community where you don’t have to be afraid of borrowing milk or sugar from your neighbor, a planned community is probably for you.
  2. It’s safe. Another benefit of planned communities, like CastleRock Communities, is that you don’t need to worry about a high crime rate. Indeed, planned communities are located just far enough from major crime centers. Plus, many of these residential areas have guards at the gate before you enter. Sure, there may be the random theft or break in’s here and there, but the issue isn’t so bad that you have to be weary about adding extra locks to the door. Moreover, these communities are safe enough for kids to wander around, explore and play.
  3. There are guidelines for upkeep. In many cities and suburban areas, you often see a lot of blight. For instance, there is the occasional brown or dead lawn, there is graffiti and you have to worry about houses that look like they are falling apart. In a planned community, you don’t have to worry about these things, because there is a housing board that makes sure homes are painted, lawns are watered and that there is absolutely no blight.
  4. It’s more affordable. In a planned community, the homes are statistically a lot more affordable than they are in other communities that aren’t planned. If you purchase a pre-existing home in a desirable neighborhood, you could be paying premium prices. In a planned community, you are often paying 10% to 20% less. Also, if you haven’t built on the lot yet, you can often customize your home with the number of bedrooms, garages and bathrooms that you want.
  5. You can be more social. On top of everything, planned communities are usually much more social communities. For instance, you have more social gatherings, like potlucks and block parties. Plus, your kids often have other kids to play with. In reality, planned communities are ideal for parents and children alike. If you want an ideal living situation, you may want to explore a planned community near you.

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