Some people love the look of hardwoods in the home. They prefer to surround themselves with the honeyed warmth of oak or the chocolatey richness of mahogany. But when it comes to the materials you could use to decorate your home, you might not be interested in chopping down a tree that took a hundred years to grow to maturity. On the other hand, you’re not alone if you hate the look of faux options like laminate and parquet. Instead, you might want to consider a natural material like stone, which offers a wide variety of options when it comes to home decorating. Here are some of the best places to add stonework in your home.

Perhaps the best reason to consider stone as a decorative material is that it can be used both inside and out. Starting with your home interior, you can find any number of ways to utilize stone. You might like the look of sandstone floor tiles, for example. Or you may prefer the current trends in granite countertops. You could also procure a slab of marble for your fireplace and hearth. Or you could save some money by using a stone façade to mimic the look of natural stone covering a wall space, and avoid issues associated with the weight of so much stone in the process. Natural stone can also be used in smaller quantities as a table surface, cutting boards, trivets, and more. In essence, there is nearly no limit to the ways in which you can use stone inside your home with a little creativity.

But you will find that stone is equally useful for beautifying exterior spaces, as well as providing for practical applications. Just consider all that you can do with stone pavers. They are most commonly used to create patios and walkways around your home. But they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, making them useful for all kinds of purposes. You can stack products from Teton stone to create elevated planter beds, retaining walls, fire pits, or even a stone water feature in your backyard if you’re so inclined. Stone can easily become an integral part of your overall landscape design.

However, you could also come up with ideas for exterior home stonework on your house itself. If you love the look of stone buildings, there’s no reason you can’t add stone to your existing structure. You may just have to be careful about the products and quantity you select. For example, it’s probably fine to stack up stone pavers around the lower portion of exterior walls to add some visual interest to your structure. But if you want the front of your house to resemble a stone fortress, it’s probably best to opt for a veneer to create a stone façade. This is not only practical because of the complications associated with the sheer weight of an actual stone wall, but also due to pricing.

The point is that there is no end to the options you might consider when adding stonework to your home. And whether you elect to include stone inside or out, whether you use natural stone or faux options, you can accomplish the luxurious aesthetic you crave at a price that works with your particular budget when you decide to decorate with stone.

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