If you have a stone patio, it is important to understand that constant maintenance is really one of the only ways to make sure your patio stays looking vibrant and beautiful. If you don’t maintain it, you will have to continually repave or re-stone your patio, which can not only be a huge inconvenience – it can also cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to care and maintain your paver patio so that you don’t have to keep flushing money down the drain. When it comes down to it, these patios don’t need a lot of work, but they will need looking after. It is a simple part of being a homeowner that you have to think about. Here are some helpful stone patio care and maintenance tips.

  1. Make sure to weather seal your stone if the type of stone calls for it. Indeed, you may have to place a thin protective layer over the stone so that it doesn’t become stained or damaged. You can usually find this sealant at your local hardware store or home improvement shop. Make sure that your stone needs it, because you could damage some more delicate stone or rock that doesn’t need sealant.
  2. Make sure to go with the right material when you install the stone – you may want to buy faux stone because it is easier to maintain. If you purchase a type of stone that is hard to take care of, you will regret it. Ideally, you want to find a stone that matches your availability in terms of time. If you aren’t going to be home, you probably want to go with faux stone. If you are a consummate gardener, you may be able to handle a stone that needs a little more care.
  3. Don’t drag your patio furniture over the stone – you can severely damage the material that way. When you drag patio furniture, it will dig into the stone and cause unsightly marks. Over time, these marks will start to get darker and darker. You may even want to place rubber stoppers over the bottom of the legs of chairs and tables to prevent this issue from ever happening to your stone patio. An unsightly blemish can really reduce the aesthetic quality of your patio.
  4. Pressure wash every few months or so – pressure washing is important if your stones are light in color and attract dust and debris. Sure, your stone is going to attract debris, dirt and dust no matter what, but if you don’t take preventive measures to keep cleaning, the dust and debris could become permanent, which can look quite unsightly.
  5. Use polymeric sand to remove weeds between the stone – if you have stone slabs, you will want to keep these weeds at a minimum. Using this unique type of sand will ensure that the weeds don’t grow. Moreover, when you use this sand, it won’t hurt your stone. In the end, you can find polymeric sand at your local nursery.

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