When it comes down to it, landscaping can transform your otherwise bland and boring outdoor space. If you are looking out your window and staring at an empty dirt lot, you definitely want to kick into gear. If you don’t take measures to improve your outdoor space, the value of your home could decrease. Moreover, having a beautiful outdoor space will greatly improve the quality of your life. Not only is there nothing like spending an hour or so tending to your garden – there is also nothing like spending time in your backyard with beautiful trees and flora. The truth of the matter is that many people believe landscape design is expensive and unattainable, but this just isn’t the case – all you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness. Here are five backyard landscaping tips that can save you money.

  1. Make sure that you go native – when you are planting new flora in your backyard, you want to go native, because in the long run it will be less expensive. Non-native plants are not only more expensive to plant – they also require more maintenance – they need more water, nutrients, fertilizer and more, which can be difficult to keep track of.
  2. Make sure that you go for flora that doesn’t require as much water – for instance, some grass varieties require a lot of water. If you live in a drought-ridden state, you may want to go for something other than grass. For instance, stones or pebbles or even mulch can be a great substitute for grass. It will be difficult to really picture your yard without grass, but when you realize how affordable it is, you will definitely be thinking differently. If you are feeling brave, you could go for even larger stones, like boulders.
  3. Make sure to prune and trim your trees accordingly – if you don’t trim and prune, you could be affecting the lifespan of your trees. The reason why it is important to trim is because you want your trees to breath – if there isn’t enough sunlight, your trees may not be able to get the nutrients they need. It is important to trim and prune in the springtime and in the late summer – to make the leaf shedding process easier on the tree.
  4. Make sure that you hire an affordable landscaper – for instance, A-Affordable Lawn & Tree will be able mow your lawn and take care of your landscaping at an affordable rate. A lot of landscapers and lawn care professionals charge a fortune for their service, so it is smart to take up the services of any company that charges significantly less.
  5. Make sure that you maintain your budget – if you don’t look after your budget, you will wander too off track when it comes to your landscaping. It is important to know how much you are willing to spend and you want to make an itemized list. You can then start to purchase supplies and other materials accordingly.

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