Whether you live in an older classic home (with all its extra “charm”) or a brand new all-American dream home, you’re going to come across a bug or two at some point. Occasionally it’ll get out of hand and you’ll find yourself with a full blown infestation. Cockroaches, ants, termites and even millipedes are all common in this day and age. Keeping on top of your bug problem doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and you don’t necessarily have to call in the professionals to eradicate the little creepy crawlies. Here are a few DIY techniques that could save you a lot of time, money and unwanted headaches.

  1. Prevention is the key. The best way to keep the bugs at bay is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Prevention should always be your first line of defense against these little guys. You’re going to want to make sure you keep a clean kitchen and dining area, which means wiping down the surfaces after every meal, and ensuring all your dishes get washed and not left overnight to fester. It’s also very important to ensure that your drains are clean and clear from food scraps as cockroaches love to emerge from the sewers. You can try using baking soda and vinegar to help break down any excess food in your drains. Be sure to rinse all of your recyclable containers before you throw them in the recycling can. Leaky faucets are another niggling factor that attract roaches, so be sure to tighten up your taps and keep your surfaces dry as well as clean.
  2. Get a decent bug spray. There are a variety of ways to prevent bugs from taking over your home, but there are only a few ways to actually get rid of an infestation once it’s begun. Getting yourself a decent bug spray will work wonders when it comes to wiping out an infestation. U-Spray, Inc. provides a variety of different sprays targeted at different types of bugs in different kinds of environments. You can order these insecticides online at bugspray.com
  3. Plant flowers that repel bugs. A great way to control pests in your home is to plant insect repelling plants in your garden and inside your home. Citronella is a fantastic mosquito repellent, while marigolds, catnip, rosemary and basil will all work as a first line of defense against crawling bugs like ants, ticks, fleas and sometimes even cockroaches. Having a healthy garden featuring some of these plants will help to keep any infestations from developing into a nightmare.
  4. Use essential oils. There are a number of essential oils that work wonders when it comes to keeping the nasty bugs out of your living space. Certain oils work better with certain bugs. For example, it’s a well known fact that ants are repulsed by the scent of peppermint. So applying some peppermint oil to affected areas will help to keep the little critters away for good. Eucalyptus, citronella, geranium and lavender are excellent mosquito repellents.
  5. Seal the cracks. Bugs will find ways to get in no matter how new your home is. If there are cracks, then they will sneak in. Be sure to search for all of the hidden cracks under the sink, around the doors and windows, and along the bases of walls and cabinets. Get yourself a quality sealant or foam to block the holes and you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of bugs you’ll find in your home.

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