When it comes down to it, carpeting is making a serious come back. For a while, people were afraid to carpet their homes, but these days there are a lot of carpet options that are not only beautiful – these options will also protect the floor underneath. If you have original hardwood floors, you may want to use carpet to protect the wood from damage. Over time, shoes and the oil from feet can break through the varnish and it can damage the wood. If you have pets, their claws can scratch and ruin the floors. Before you install carpet, you want to consider a number of factors. Specifically, you want to think about choosing the right color and style. Here is how to choose the right color and style carpet for your home.

  1. Decide if the area that you are carpeting has a lot of traffic – if that is the case, you will need to find carpet that can withstand the wear and tear. Usually, your carpets will need more durability around your front and backdoor. When it comes down to it, you will need thick, short carpet that won’t wear too far down and won’t become discolored.
  2. If you are carpeting stairs, you will need a different type of carpet – not only are stairs highly trafficked, you also need the carpeting to have some level of friction. Indeed, carpeting for stairs is usually different than other carpeting – not only because it will be a different size, but also because it will need to be a different durability level. Moreover, the carpet will need to have some level of friction so that people don’t slip.
  3. Base the color of the carpet on the scheme of the room – if the room has a certain color, you want it to match with the color of the carpets. If the color is different than the color scheme of the room, your home will start to look quite off, aesthetically speaking. For instance, if you have primary colors in your home, you don’t want to go with secondary colors for your carpets.
  4. Make sure that you take home several swatches of carpet – you won’t be able to select a carpet color until you see it under the light in your home. Indeed, the light in the carpet showroom may be completely different than the light in your home – and it usually is. Ideally, you want to take the carpet home and look at it under natural light and the overhead light in your home.
  5. Test out the durability of the carpet – you can do this by taking the swatches and pouring liquid on them. You’ll be able to tell if the carpet is durable if the stain comes out easily. You want to try different stains, like coffee, wine and more. If the stains come out quite easily, or they aren’t that noticeable, you may have found the right carpet. In the end, though, you won’t know until you try it. If you don’t know where to find the best carpet samples, you may want to checkout Empire Flooring for the biggest selection and the best prices.

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